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About Us

My love for jewelry started a long time ago and I cannot exactly say when nor explain the reason why...

Maybe because I always had a lot of fun watching my mother when she got dressed, put on make-up and meticulously chose her accessories. This ritual fascinated me.

Or perhaps because in Spain, my country of origin, gold, pearls and more generally goldsmith's craft are everywhere: in churches, during celebrations, in any art object and so to speak at any street corner.

I also rediscovered the shapes of the jewels and their meanings through  ancient cultures and civilizations when I was an archaeologist.

What is certain is that all my career is found in my work. I always liked to make my own necklaces and earrings but it took almost ten years of work as a graphic designer for me to finally  take a decision. I took jewelery classes at a craftsman workshop and later became his assistant. A few months later I moved to Paris to create La Géométrie.

After these four years of activity, I realize that my personal story is deeply connected to those objects that I develop and I always appreciate each step of their production. My amazement is still intact and the pleasure of transforming a piece of metal so coarse and ordinary into a unique object so beautiful remains unalterable.

My dearest wish? To have the opportunity to fulfill my passion as long as possible